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    randaut: rename -S as -Q for consistency · 0ac35a15
    Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
    This way -S means --state-based-acc like with other tools
    producing automata.   This fixes #82.
    * src/bin/randaut.cc: Rename -S as -Q, rename --state-acc as
    --state-based-acc (with --sbacc as a synonym), and declare -S as the
    short version of --state-based-acc.
    * doc/org/autfilt.org, doc/org/oaut.org, doc/org/randaut.org,
    src/tests/isomorph.test, src/tests/randaut.test,
    src/tests/randtgba.test, src/tests/readsave.test, src/tests/uniq.test,
    wrap/python/tests/randaut.ipynb: Adjust all calls to randaut.