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    Adding function to canonicalize an automaton. · 1995602d
    Thibaud Michaud authored
    * src/tgbaalgos/, src/tgbaalgos/are_isomorphic.hh,
    src/bin/ are_isomorphic now uses canonicalize. It returns a
    bool, because the mapping cannot be deduced easily from the
    canonicalized automaton.
    * src/graph/graph.hh: Add equality operator to trans_storage_t
    for easy comparison of transition vectors.
    * src/tgba/tgbagraph.hh: Add equality operator to tgba_graph_trans_data
    and to tgba_digraph.
    * src/tgbaalgos/, src/tgbaalgos/canonicalize.hh:
    New files.
    * src/tgbaalgos/ Add them.
    * src/tgbatest/isomorph.test: Test them.