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    dotty: colored acceptance sets · 838bfb2a
    Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
    This implement several new options for --dot in order to
    allow emptiness sets to be output as colored ⓿ or ❶...
    Also add a SPOT_DOTDEFAULT environment variable.
    * NEWS, src/bin/man/spot-x.x, src/bin/common_aoutput.cc,
    src/bin/dstar2tgba.cc: Document the new options.
    * doc/org/.dir-locals.el, doc/org/init.el.in: Setup
    SPOT_DOTEXTRA and SPOT_DOTDEFAULT for all documents.
    * doc/org/autfilt.org, doc/org/dstar2tgba.org, doc/org/ltl2tgba.org,
    doc/org/ltldo.org, doc/org/oaut.org, doc/org/randaut.org,
    doc/org/satmin.org: Adjust to this new setup.
    * src/misc/escape.cc, src/misc/escape.hh (escape_html): New function.
    * src/tgba/acc.cc, src/tgba/acc.hh (to_text, to_html): New method.
    * src/tgbaalgos/dotty.cc: Implement the new options.
    * src/tgbatest/readsave.test, wrap/python/tests/automata.ipynb: More
    * wrap/python/spot.py: Make sure the default argument for
    dotty_reachable is None, so that SPOT_DOTDEFAULT is honored.
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