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    org: add a first code example · 8de524ad
    Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
    The difficulty is not the example, but setting up org-mode to allow
    Python and C++ example that use the local libraries, not those
    installed system-wide.
    * doc/org/.dir-locals.el: Rename as...
    * doc/org/.dir-locals.el.in: ... this, so we can easily define
    PYTHONPATH and other environment variables.
    * doc/org/init.el.in: Enable C++, and make sure but Python
    and C++ use the local libraries.
    * doc/org/g++wrap.in, doc/org/tut01.org: New files.
    * doc/Makefile.am, configure.ac: Adjust.
    * wrap/python/spot.py (to_str): Take a parenth argument.