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    Automata with no state are no longer allowed. · b3ee6831
    Maximilien Colange authored
    * NEWS, spot/twa/twa.hh: Document the change.
    * spot/twa/twagraph.hh, spot/kripke/kripkegraph.hh:
      Add an exception in get_init_state_number().
      get_init_state() now calls get_init_state_number().
    * spot/twa/twagraph.cc, spot/twaalgos/simulation.cc,
      spot/twaalgos/powerset.cc, spot/twaalgos/complete.cc,
      spot/twaalgos/sccfilter.cc: Remove now useless tests.
    * spot/twaalgos/hoa.cc: Remove now useless comment.
    * spot/twaalgos/minimize.cc: Never return an automaton with no state.