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    hoa: output acc-name for several acceptance types · d276f73e
    Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
    So far the HOA output would emit an acc-name only
    for generalized-Buchi or inferior types (Buchi, all).
    It now knows about none, co-Buchi, generalized-co-Buchi,
    Rabin, Streett, and generalized-Rabin as well.
    * src/twa/acc.cc, src/twa/acc.hh: Add detection code.
    * src/twaalgos/hoa.cc: Use it.
    * src/tests/remfin.test, src/tests/maskacc.test,
    src/tests/complete.test, src/tests/sim3.test,
    src/tests/ltl2dstar.test: Adjust tests.
    * src/tests/hoaparse.test: Adjust and add more tests.