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    lbtt: improve the LBTT output · eed7e2df
    Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
    Provide a way to output automata with state-based acceptance.  Also
    print the guards using to_lbt_string() for consistency: as a
    consequence, atomic proposition that do not match p[0-9]+ are now
    * src/tgbaalgos/lbtt.hh (lbtt_reachable): Add a sba option.
    * src/tgbaalgos/lbtt.cc: Implement it, and use to_lbt_string().
    * src/ltlvisit/lbt.cc (is_pnum): Reject 'p' without number.
    * src/bin/ltl2tgba.cc: Activate the sba option of --ba was given.
    Add an option --lbtt=t to get the old behavior.
    * src/bin/man/ltl2tgba.x: Document the LBTT format we use with
    some links and examples.
    * src/tgbatest/lbttparse.test: More tests.
    * src/tgbatest/ltlcross2.test: Add a check with --lbtt --ba.
    * NEWS: Update.
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