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    tgbagraph: add a merge_transitions() method. · 424de903
    Alexandre Duret-Lutz authored
    * src/graph/graph.hh: Add some framework to erase transitions, and
    defrag the resulting transitions_ vector on demand.  Also remove
    the nb_states() and nb_transitions() because num_states() and
    num_transitions() already exist.
    * src/graphtest/graph.cc, src/graphtest/ngraph.cc: Adjust to
    use num_states().
    * src/tgba/tgbagraph.hh (merge_transitions): New method.
    * src/misc/hash.hh: Add a pair_hash class, needed by
    * src/graphtest/tgbagraph.cc, src/graphtest/tgbagraph.test: Add states
    for transitions removal and merge_transitions().