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    2004-04-20 Jérémy Demeule <demeul_j@epita.fr> · 636b9f41
    Benoit Perrot authored
            Add an interactive shell.
            * src/vm/cpu.hh, src/vm/cpu.cc:
            Add a print operator.
            * src/vm/virtual_machine.hh:
            Add breakpoint suport and some shell entry points for step by step
            * src/shell/cmd.hh,
            * src/shell/shell.cc, src/shell/shell.hh:
            Implement interactive shell, using readline.
            * src/shell/shell-tasks.cc, src/shell/shell-tasks.hh:
            Add shell's tasks.
            * src/shell/Makefile.am:
            Distribute shell.
            * src/modules.hh:
            Declare shell.
            * configure.ac:
            Check for readline library. Add shell directory.
            * src/Makefile.am:
            Add shell directory and link with readline.