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    XML: Overhaul support for series representations. · 742863bd
    Jerome Galtier authored
    	* data/vaucanson.xsd: New complexType `seriesWritingData'. Rework
    	  the `writingData' element in `valueType'.
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/builders.hh: New
    	  `SeriesRepresentationHandler'. New `create_series_representation'
    	  and `create_series_representationh'. Add an argument to
    	  `create_monoid' and `check_monoid_consistency'.
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/builders.hxx: Add the implementation of
    	  `SeriesRepresentationHandler', mostly of based on
    	  `FreeMonoidHandler'. (create_monoid): Update implementation to
    	  reflect the new prototype. Add the implementation of
    	  `create_series_representation' and
    	  `create_series_representationh'. (check_monoid_consistency):
    	  Update implementation to reflect the new prototype with some
    	  overhauls. (create_type_writingData_node): Rename `weightOpening'
    	  to `openWeight' and `weightClosing' to `closeWeight'.
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/contexts/fmp.hh: New macro `FMPsreptype' to
    	  make code tighter. Add a specialization for
    	  `SeriesRepresentationHandler' for FMP. Add one argument to
    	  `create_monoid' and `check_monoid_consistency'. New
    	  `create_type_writingData_node' specialization to better support
    	  series representations for FMP.
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/contexts/fmp.hxx: Add the implementation of
    	  the new specialization mostly based on the `FreeMonoidProduct'
    	  one. Add the implementation of `create_type_writingData_node'.
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/handlers.hh (TypeHandler): Cosmetic changes.
    	  New `reph_' and `rep_' attributes.
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/handlers.hxx: Use the new
    	  `create_series_representation' to mimic the handling of monoid.
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/xmleq.hh: Cosmetic changes. Does the
    	  following renaming: `plus' -> `plusSym', `times' -> `timesSym',
    	  `spaces' -> `spacesSym'. New `starSym', `type' and `free'
    	* include/vaucanson/xml/xmleq.hxx: Update the implementation
    	  according to the previous changes.