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    Add support of writingData for typeValue and monoid: · d09a925f
    Florian Lesaint authored
      - plusSym
      - timesSym
      - ...
      * data/vaucanson.xsd: Here.
      * include/vaucanson/algebra/implementation/monoid/free_monoid.hh:
      Since we need to create the monoid before parsing its content, we need
      to update the representation after its creation. So set_representation
      should be public (or friendly)
      * include/vaucanson/xml/builders.hh: Here.
      * include/vaucanson/xml/builders.hxx: Here.
      * include/vaucanson/xml/handlers.hh: Here.
      * include/vaucanson/xml/handlers.hxx: Here.
      * include/vaucanson/xml/printers.hxx: Here.
      * include/vaucanson/xml/xmleq.hh: Here.
      * include/vaucanson/xml/xmleq.hxx: Here.